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Vitosha Mountain


Vitosha Mountain is located between Stara Planina and Rila-Rhodope massif. Vitosha Mountain is the only mountain in Bulgaria, with a dome shape, as it is considered a relatively young mountain. The highest point is the peak Black Peak, which is 2,290 meters above sea level. The massif is located on the borders of Sofia Plain, Samokov area, Pernik valleys and gorges Pancherevo. MassifVitosha is famous for its location, beauty and art. The legend tells that Vitosha is a dormant volcano, which has no awakened centuries and one day it will erupt again. From all, the truth is only one - Vitosha is really volcano, but his wake up again is a mystery ... Except peak Black Peak, there are other higher points of the array, as Ostritsia, Skoparnik and Reznevete. By the way the base of the Vitosha mountain, in the valley lies the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.Sofia is an ancient city created more than 7000 years. There are remnants of ancient times and of different ages and cultural and historical monuments. Sofia is beautiful and rich in culture, it is interesting for excursions and experiences. Hire a car and travel to this beautiful European capital. Please contact the company for car hire - TS Rent A Car, which will provide you with a car or jeep rental. Car rental company TS Rent A Car are advantageous and affordable to every client. Travel around Bulgaria with a company car rental TS Rent A Car.

Vitosha is very popular among tourists and lovers of mountain landscapes. There are different ways to spend your time, and always will be interesting. The massif is literally covered with diverse vegetation, walking tours and of course, ski lifts and ski runs. In winter Vitosha boiling from active sports life - here come the lovers of winter sports of skiing and snowboarding. There are excellent mountain chalets with all the necessary amenities for its guests, where you can spend your vacation comfortably. The chalets are fully equipped with kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom and more. Vitosha Mountain in the early twentieth century was declared a national park. Back in 1935, was built a weather station. The most popular ski resort in the Vitosha mountain is complex Aleko. It is fully equipped with all necessary facilities for leisure and active sport lifts, wardrobe, full equipment rental changing rooms, Tea House, a guest house, spa and restaurant. Here you can rent a ski or snowboard instructor to ride on a sled or snowmobile. If you are going to choose to rest in the area, but you come to Bulgaria without a car, we can give you affordable and comfortable car rental. Order a car from a company for car hire - TS Rent A Car and rent a car to enjoy your holiday with your family! Our experts TS Rent A Car are always at your service!

At the foot of Vitosha are lovely mountain villages such Boyana, Simeonovo, Dragalevci and picturesque Vladaia and Zheleznitsi. In this impressive mountain the neighborhoods are old churches and monasteries. For example, interesting old monastery in Dragalevtsi and ancient church in Boyana. Vitosha has wonderful mountain air, favorable climate and many natural attractions. At the foot is one of the most popular and visited ponds in Sofia - Pancherevo, there are good infrastructure, abundant entertainment, mineral pools, restaurants, boating facilities, spas, picturesque lawns, streams, forests and beautiful views to the mountain! The area Pantscharevo are also small cozy villages with houses where you can spend your holiday and why not - buying a property?

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The average temperature of the peak Black Peak at summer is 24 ° C, and at winter -27,4 ° C. Vitosha is interesting at any time of the year! In summer you can ride a bike, can sunbathe on the lawn or just wander through the picturesque paths and in front of you to find a beautiful view to the city that seems to lie at your fingertips. Rent a car during your visit to the ancient capital of Bulgaria, and a company for car rental TS Rent A Car will assist you quickly and easily hire your car!

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